DJMA Project Consulting is a management consulting business specialising in Property, Infrastructure, Construction and Development.  We provide strategic planning, management and advisory services to clients from the private and public sectors that are involved with the planning and delivery of capital works projects, property development and asset management.

Don McQueen is owner and principal consultant.  He established DJMA (D J McQueen & Associates) in 1992.  Industry sectors where DJMA has provided project management and advisory services include;

  •  Building (commercial, industrial, education, retail, civic, aged care)
  •  Infrastructure and Civil Engineering
  •  Land Development (subdivision and urban consolidation)
  • Utilities (energy and water)

About Don McQueen

Don McQueen commenced his career in the construction industry in 1977 and worked on a range of civil engineering and building projects in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia until establishing his management and consulting business in 1992.  He has qualifications in civil engineering, business and finance. 

Don's extensive industry experience combined with his formal qualifications allows him to provide an integrated consulting service that brings a broad range of knowledge and expertise to any assignment or project he is engaged to work on.

  • Depending on Client requirements, he is able to work any aspect of a project from strategic planning through all phases of delivery.
  • He is able to adopt a multi-disciplined approach to a project or assignment, as he is experienced in dealing with the broad range of stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involved with a project including technical, legal, commercial, authorities, financial, political and the community. He is a good communicator and negotiator with the ability to achieve positives results. He can also act as an independent facilitator for organisations seeking to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes in unusual and/or complex situations.
  • Don has well developed analytical and problem solving skills. These skills can also be utilised to research and/or assess particular matters and provide a report to the Client. Where necessary he can also apply these skills to assist Clients review and resolve problems or issues that might arise from time to time.
  • For projects he is involved with, Don strives to ensure the application of sound project management principles. He advocates careful planning upon project initiation to “set the project up for success”. This gives the best chance of achieving project objectives and delivering a physical outcome that that is aligned with the Client’s business need. The attainment of project objectives through the careful management of risk and resources is paramount.
  • Don is able to assist with the training and professional development of Client's internal staff via mentoring and/or targeted support generally or with current projects.  The benefits include upskilling of staff and leaving residual knowledge in the organisation when a project or engagement is completed. 
  • Don recognises the importance of high performing teams. He is a strong team player with the ability to lead or be part of a project team comprising personnel from within and/or outside the Client’s organisation.  

His qualifications and employment history are;

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil),Hons. (University of NSW)
  • Master of Business Administration (University of Adelaide)
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment (SIA Aust.)
Employment Summary:
1992 - Present Independent Consultant and Contractor
1977 - 1991 Management and site-based positions with Jennings Construction Services, Paynter Dixon, H F Sarah & Sons, White Industries and Leighton Contractors on building and civil engineering projects in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria